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Out Door

Out Door

Few flooring materials will withstand the elements outdoors. But tiles are ideal for outdoor areas. Stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles can look great and last for decades in outdoor conditions.

Stone Outdoor Tiles

Stone is a natural option, which is possibly why it looks so suitable outside. Stone tiles look great around swimming pools, on patios, barbeques and for outdoor walls. They also combine well with plants and rockery.
Stone is very durable and lasts for decades.

Porcelain Tiles Outdoors

Porcelain tiles give a sleek, bright modern look to outdoor areas. They are durable enough to withstand fairly extreme weather conditions and are the first choice for most pools and spas. They also work well with patios and most other outdoor areas.

Ceramic Tiles Outdoors

Ceramic tiles are based on clay and other elements. This type of tile has an earth appeal that works well for some outdoor setting. Ceramic tiles look fine for patio and Barbeque areas, and are a popular choice for pathways.
Tell us about your outdoor tiling needs. We can advise you about safety and suitability for all outdoor tiles.


Asbestos Check
We perform an Asbestos check on every bathroom or tiled area before renovating.
If asbestos it found in any area it must be safely removed. There are very strict guidelines for the removal and disposal of Asbestos. Homeowners must always call specialists when dealing with asbestos.
Double Brick Walls
There may be an additional cost for bathroom renovations in homes with double brick walling.

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