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The family kitchen is easily one of the most used rooms in the house. It is essential that this area be functional for meals and storage. Ideally it can also by stylish in appearance.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles make a lot of sense in the kitchen. Good tiles are hard wearing, so they will stand up to people constantly waking through the room. They are also easy to clean, something essential for kitchens which will always be subject to at least the occasional spill. With some creative design ideas tiles can make any kitchen look great.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen walls are not subject to the same stress as floors, but they can benefit from Good tiles. Tiles are great for a splashback behind the stove or food preparations areas. And with all manner of stone, glass and porcelain tiles there is no end to the creative design possibilities.

Benchtop Tiles

Kitchen benches and other surfaces can be stylish and functional with stone, faux stone, marble or many other type of tile. This can be especially effective if coordinated with the floor and splashback tiles.
Good Tiles offers an extensive range of tiles and all the services needed to design, renovate and refit your kitchen. Whether it is just retiling a floor or if entails redesigning and replacing the entire area we can give you the functional and stylish kitchen you have always wanted.


  •  Kitchen Re-Design and Renovation
  •  Domestic / Commercial Tiling and Waterproofing
  •  Laying stones
  •  Kitchen Variation / Repair / Maintenance
  •  Finishing Silicone


Asbestos Check We perform an Asbestos check on every bathroom or tiled area before renovating. If asbestos it found in any area it must be safely removed. There are very strict guidelines for the removal and disposal of Asbestos. Homeowners must always call specialists when dealing with asbestos.
Double Brick Walls There may be an additional cost for bathroom renovations in homes with double brick walling.

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