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Elegance Pack

We can renovate a bathroom of 30 square meters or less for $19,000 excluding GST.
This includes:
  •  Demolition of old bathroom & rubbish clean up
  •  Lining walls in FC (Fibro cement)
  •  Waterproofing shower wall and the both shower base and outside full floor
  •  Tile choice price is up to $70 per square meter
  •  One feature wall
  •  1 custom shampoo box
  •  Size; 300 by 300, 300 by 600, 600 by 600 (on walls only)
  •  Tiling installation up to ceiling
  •  Grout & finish silicone with colour match
  •  Custom made or frameless shower screen including installation
  •  Custom made vanity including installation
  •  Custom size mirror including installation
  •  Towel rail Soap dish, toilet paper holder including installation
  •  Toilet pan, vanity mixer tap, shower mixer & spout including installation
  •  Under floor heating outside of shower base only
  •  Power points relocation replacement to heat globe exhaust fan installation
  •  New painting and gap sealant on entry window architraves, and celling

Discount to $16,000
We can reduce the price by $3,000
If the customer choose the standard shower frame and toilet Pan, without the other variations, then project will only cost $I6,000 to complete.

*Free Standing Bath/ or Tub installation is available, the price is negotiable (not include).
The price can be adjusted by working circumstances.


Asbestos Check We perform an Asbestos check on every bathroom or tiled area before renovating. If asbestos it found in any area it must be safely removed. There are very strict guidelines for the removal and disposal of Asbestos. Homeowners must always call specialists when dealing with asbestos.
Double Brick Walls There may be an additional cost for bathroom renovations in homes with double brick walling.

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