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Tiles can give a very sleek and modern look to a bedroom. This is especially good for creating a minimalist look in an open space, or for making a small room feel more spacious. Or tiles can be bold, and be used to define the look of a room.

Bedroom Floor Tiles.

Floor tiles are very durable and easy to keep clean. A bedroom with floor tiles can have an open and stylish look. With the wide range of available floor tiles there are countless ways to make any bedroom look great.
Floor tiles can give an angular look to a room, or provide a floor with one of many geometric patterns.

Bedroom Wall Tiles

Tiling bedroom walls is a more recent décor idea. It is also a very versatile concept.
Bedroom walls can be given anything from a rustic, old school look to a Roman mural décor. Or the walls can be enhanced with a geometric tile pattern. Consider tiles on one feature wall, while leaving other walls spare.
Tiles can open and sparse, or the dominant feature of the room. With all the tiling options there are countless ways to decorate every bedroom.


  •  Bedroom Re-Design and Renovation
  •  Domestic / Commercial Tiling and Waterproofing
  •  Laying stones
  •  Bedroom Variation / Repair / Maintenance
  •  Finishing Silicone


Asbestos Check
We perform an Asbestos check on every bathroom or tiled area before renovating.
If asbestos it found in any area it must be safely removed. There are very strict guidelines for the removal and disposal of Asbestos. Homeowners must always call specialists when dealing with asbestos.
Double Brick Walls
There may be an additional cost for bathroom renovations in homes with double brick walling.

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