Colour and Grout

Colour and Grout


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Part of the look of tiles comes from the grout between the individual tiles. Grout is naturally neutral in colour, a mix of grey and sandy brown. But grout can be coloured to suit the tiles.

The grout colour will usually be chosen to blend in with the tiles or stay fairly subtle. It is basically the joints between the tiles. But occasionally the grout colour might be designed to stand out.

Grouts that blend in tend to be a neutral white in colour, or a similar colour as the actual tiles. This will depend on the situation. White grout will stand out if the tiles are dark.

Grouts that stand out will be much darker or much lighter than the tiles. This makes for a bold looking room.

Grouts that are bright colours are effective in some situations. White tiles with bold red, blue or green grout will look very colourful, giving a grid pattern. This will probably only work with plain tiles. Complex patterned tiles with bold grout would probably be strong and clashing.


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Another possibility is changing the colour of the grout with the sealer. All grout should be sealed to prevent moisture problems. We can use the sealer to change the colour of plain grout. This is a good option for older tiles when we want to change the overall room décor.


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There are many options for tiling. Find the best look for you kitchen or bathroom and enjoy something unique.