Basic Tiling Tips

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  • Tiles must be clean and dry
  • Remove loose powered form the back of tiles.
  • Keep tiles out of direct sunlight and heat  before installation. The heat is not good, you don’t; want the tiles to contract as the adhesive sets.
  • The tile adhesive must be applied with the notched trowel. Apply horizontally not in a circular motion.
  • The notched trowel will determine the thickness of the tile adhesive. The adhesive will be half as deep as the notches. For example, 6mm notches will give you 3mm of adhesive depth once the tiles are in place.
  • The minimum thickness of the adhesive is 3mm. Usually it is thicker, but it may be 3mm for some sections of the floor.
  • Porous concrete underneath the tiling will form a better bond if the surface is dampened before applying the tile adhesive
  • Tiles must be put into place before the adhesive even starts to set. If the adhesive has started to form a skin, then the tile will not bond too well.
  • Use the correct spacing between tiles. Spacers should be provided.
  • Wait till everything is full set before applying the grout. 24 hours is the minimum time. 28 hours is preferable.
  • Clean the tiled surface a few days after installation, making sure to remove surface grout and any soap scum. Failure to remove this will cause dirt to stick to the tiles, leaving the floor permanently dirty.

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Tiling is usually a fairly major project. And it is often more difficult and time consuming that expected. Professional tiling is almost always the best option for any sizable tiling projects. The work can be done in minimal time with minimal disruption to your schedule. And you can be guaranteed of the best result.