Aesthetics of Tiles

The human mind likes order. This can come in the form of complementary and matching colours, or neat geometric shapes, straight lines, neat proportions or anything else that gives a clear pattern. As the same time anything that is too orderly, anything that is too neat and simple, may quickly feel sterile.

At the same time humans are drawn to nature. Sunsets, forests, sweeping oceans, and the patterns of flowers, woodgrain, rock patterns, or many other things have a strong appeal to the human mind. These earthy, natural phenomena are never sterile.

The trick with creating something appealing is to combine order with the semi-random, earthy patterns of nature. The human mind finds this appealing, and it hints at civilizations way of modifying the natural word to suit its own needs.

Tiles are made of earthy materials like ceramics or clay. Some tiles keep this earthy aspect, which is part of their appeal. Yet they are cut in neat symmetrical patterns, which is another part of their appeal. This is a good combination.

Some tiles are pain coloured and have no earthy aspect to them. On their own these tiles can be a little sterile, but combined with the right elements in the room décor these tiles are very effective.

Kitchen Renovations Canberra

Kitchens tend to have an austere décor, so that they look clean. This leads itself to bright, polished tiles. Some colour contrast is needed here to avoid an ‘all white’ sterile look. Some earthy elements are also good for this.

Some modern kitchens do well with an earthy aesthetic, woodgrain and stone tiles suit this well.

Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Bathroom tiles can be clean and stark or warm and earthy. The clean look works well with strong colours – white and bright blue or red. Earthy stone or woodwork tiles are effective for warm looking bathroom.