Straight Cutting Tiles

Cutting Bathroom tiles Canberra

Under some circumstances it is not too difficult to lay tiles on a floor. This is why tiling a bathroom or kitchen is generally a good DIY project. However, problems do occur when tiles have to be cut.

We might be lucky and find that the tiles we have bought fit exactly onto the floor. Or we might calculate this in advance and buy tiles that we know will fit neatly into the allocated floor space. But more often than not we will find that we have to cut a few tiles along at least one side of the room.

If we do need to cut tiles along a wall then we will need to cut them with a straight edge. There are a few methods for doing this.

Snapping a tile

We can cut a straight edge by scoring a line across the tile and then snapping it over a coat hanger. This is a little haphazard, with the tile sometimes breaking or snapping at the wrong point.


It is possible to saw a tile with a masonry handsaw, but this is a slow and strenuous task. It is best only used for one or two tiles.

Wet Saw

This is the professional approach. A wet saw is designed for cutting tiles, and can be rented from some hardware stores. It cuts quite quickly and uses water to keep the saw from overheating.

It is best to plan the tile cutting in advance so all the tiles can all be done in one session. This means the wet saw need only be rented for half a day.

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